6 Imperative Questions You Should Ask A Wedding DJ

Let’s be honest that music can fill your wedding with a lot of fun and excitement. It has so much power to make or break your functions, so you have to find the Best Wedding DJs Brisbane for your party. You definitely should not make a decision without knowing the person. Many people who are going to hire the DJ, we have made this post for them. We have collected some imperative questions that you must ask a DJ.

Let him describe his style

Every DJ has a unique style that makes him different from the rest. If you are hiring him then must ask about his style. What kind of music he will play at your reception? For every occasion, a different kind of music is used such as for parties, rock music will sound better but on a wedding reception, love songs will be better. If he is not able to answer your question and telling you wrong combinations then you should not work with him.

Ask him can you listen to him while performing

If he offers live performance services then make sure to listen to him before hiring. You will get an idea of how he performs and how he actually sounds and feels like. If you think he is good enough then hire him.  

Does he know about your wedding location?

Your DJ will have to reach the location before you for setting up his supplies. He may need an extension cord, backup generator, and other things. If he is unaware of the site then cross him from your list.

Will he play your favorite songs or not?

Many people plan some special songs for their wedding party that they want to play on the functions. If you are one of them, then make sure you will discuss this with the DJ. You must know if he will only play his list or will take recommendations from you as well.

How many people are with him in the band?

While taking the interview, you must ask him if he is working with a band or he is alone. If it is a band then hire only an amazing portion to save your money.

What are his charges?

This is the most important question that can make or break your contract with him. If his charges are affordable for you then go for it otherwise go for another Brisbane Dj Hire.