Australia Grows the Most Popular Varieties of Table Grapes

Australia is known for growing the best Tables Grapes in the world. Australia is among very few countries where many different kinds of grapes are grown. According to an estimate last year 70% of Australia’s total production was of grapes. The summers in Australia are warm and dry with deep, nutrients & minerals enriched soil, which allows Australian growers to produce the world’s best and most juicy grapes.

What Variety is Cultivated Mostly in Australia?

Although Australia grows various different types of grapes there are four most popular types of grapes which are cultivated the most, out of which three are the seedless variety. These are:

  •  Thompson Seedless: It is the seedless table grape varieties in Australia. The Thompson seedless grapes in yellow-green, oblong-shaped, small to medium sizes. Each berry of Thompson seedless grapes has a sweet, firm, and juicy pulp with a soft skin. This table grapes kind is available from January to May period. This kind of Australian grapes is the most popular among the locals.
  •  Menindee Seedless: This one is also the seedless variety of the Australian grapes. The grapes are oval shaped and have a light green or yellow color. These are available throughout from November to February, the grapes are sweet with juicy firm pulp.
  •  Red Globe: These table grapes have a round shape with pinkish-red color, and the berries are large. The grapes are very sweet, with fleshly and juicy pulp and have a crisp skin. The season of Red Globe is from December to May.
  •  Crimson Seedless: The crimson seedless grapes are available from February to May. The berries are light red, oval shapes, with a crisp, juicy flesh and have a thick skin. It has a neutral sweet flavor.

How to Pick the Best Grapes?

The Table Grape Varieties in Australia are picked by hand to avoid any kind of bruising. It is a way to deliver the best quality & selected grapes in the market. To get the best, juicy and fresh table grapes make sure to pick the ones which are firm, plump and attached with stems.

Another indicator of fresh, good quality grapes in the color. The grapes like Thomson seedless and Menindee seedless are good to eat when they have a yellowish green color, and black grapes are ready to eat when they are fully black. Avoid the buying/picking grapes which have a brown coloration.