Top Ways To Customise Your Wedding Cake

A wedding cake is one of the biggest parts of any wedding, irrespective of if the celebration is small or large. The flavour, size, decorations, and shape of the cake really matter to help immerse the guests into the theme.

Apart from these things, there are many other things as well that a couple should consider in order to make their special day cake unique. Here we have listed top tips that will help you to customize your special day cake.

Wedding cake topper:

Cake toppers Gold Coast are very important because they will help to express the personalities of both bride and groom. You can find out there are different types and designs of cake toppers that can be found in the market. You can even find some inexpensive traditional toppers that will be perfect for your cake.

Cake monograms:

A wedding is the day of celebration for a new life, and it is the day of the bride and groom. It means it is the day when they can show off their brand new monogram. It is the best idea to use a cake monogram along with the cake topper while customising the cake.

Cake topper base:

As the topper can not be decorated directly on the cake because it can fall over the cake and ruin the entire decoration and design of the cake, there will be a need for a cake topper base. A cake topper base is used to give height to the cake as well as adding a touch of personalisation that everyone will love to see.

wedding cake

Cake block toppers:

If you do not like to have a cake topper, then you can have a cake glass block topper. The cake block toppers are basically the alternative of cake toppers, and they can be customised with the name of the couple, the date of the event, or a monogram.

Animal-themed cakes:

If you do not want to have a traditional circular or rectangle shaped cake, then why not change it up with a themed cake. You can get and customise themed cakes according to your choice. You can get a cake with a couple of favourite animals to personalise it. This type of cake is quite inexpensive and a perfect option for a wedding.

Therefore, these are the most common yet easy ways through which you can get a customised wedding cake of your choice.